2007 Wavechaser Championship

March 17, 2007 – 12:15 pm

The 2007 Wavechaser Championship at Fort Baker was turning out to be one of my personal bests. The current was in a strong ebb giving us a push out to Point Bonita where there was some confused water with breaking waves. I was riding on a Stingray OC1. The Stingray worked very well catching the small swells. It was more difficult in the large swells because of the small rudder making it hard to handle. Rounding the last corner, at Lime Point Lighthouse, I was comfortably ahead of Hep Ingham and Omar Manansala when my rudder cable broke. I lost complete control of the canoe. The current was strong and I started drifting back out to sea. I ended up wrapping the cable around my right big toe and finishing the race. There were many folks from So Cal that came up for the race.

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